Big Sticky LVOC Air Assist

STA’-PUT® Big Sticky LVOC Air Assist is an air-assisted spray adhesive used in temporary, light-duty, low-stress bonding applications such as adhering insulation batting to interior wall cavities that helps applicators finish the job faster to quickly meet their quota and reduce adhesive material used through its stickier formula and thinner coat.


  • Faster Application
    • 1-sided and 2-sided bonds
    • Good Spray Pattern providing excellent coverage
    • Quick Dry Time
  • Reliable Adhesion
    • Excellent adhesion to many substrates
    • High Green Strength with exceptional grab tack
    • Remains Stickier Longer with a thinner coat


  • 30 LB Canister
  • 135 LB Canister
  • 270 LB Canister


  • Clear