STA’-PUT® 1535 is a non-flammable solvent based adhesive specially formulated to bond urethane foam to wood or fabrics. 1535 is primarily for use in the upholstery furniture industry. 1535 exhibits fast drying time. Non-Neoprene, low VOC, OTC-compliant, high solids (575 sq. ft/gal. This adhesive is not for laminates, but it is an excellent pressure sensitive adhesive. Used for years by our customers to form temporary bonds during construction and manufacturing processes.


  • High Green Strength
  • Aggressive Grab Tack
  • High Strength Bonds
  • Quick Dry Time
  • Good Spray Pattern
  • Long Open Time
  • Excellent Adhesion to many Substrates
  • Excellent for Foam Bonding Applications


  • 5 Gal. Pail
  • 52 Gal. Drum


  • Clear